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About Shehata Tires

The company was established in 1940 by Mr. Mohammed Shehata for the purpose of trading used tires from the Egyptian army, in 1950 his son El Saied Mohammed Shehata has joined the company. The company continued to grow its business in trading used tires and became one of the biggest companies in dealing of tires in the Egyptian market.


In 1973 the Egyptian government has issued a new law for trading and importing allowing the company to start importing and trading in brand name tires, In 1976 Mr. Ismail Mohamed Shehata joined his brother Elsayed Mohamed Shehata to change the company name to ElSayed Shehata and his brother Isamil Company.


The company started to import Japanese tires such as (Nitto - Toyo - Bridgestone) directly from Japan and dealing with global brands such as Michelin - Continental - Goodyear At the same time the company started to develope a concept of frames in the Egyptian market and won a share of more than 50% of the market timely.


In 1981 the company introduced the Korean Hankook tires in the Egyptian market as its exclusive agent and achieved great reputation in passengers - truck - half truck for more than 20 years.


In 1990 the company started the import of Chinese tires has increased its share in the Egyptian tire market.


In 2000 the company began dealing in Triangle tires for truck and equipment and became its Sole Distributor in Egypt.


Since 2001 and until 2005, the company began working in Goodyear Tires for truck as its exclusive distributor in the Egyptian market. With the beginning of 2003 the company became the exclusive agent for the Malaysian Tires equipment Simex of continental factories.


And it began dealing in Yokohama Tires in 2010 as the largest exclusive distributor in the Egyptian market.


The Company Introduced Shehata Wheels Brand in TBR and LT with Huge Success.


The company opened its first service center in 2012 and achieved great success, taking into account the opening of more branches to connect to the best level of customer service. 


In 2013 the Company became ECED Sole Agent From Wanda Boto in LT abd TBR.


In 2014 the company became the exclusive distributor of the frames of the European Sava tires from Goodyear in all configurations of passenger - truck - half truck


The Company in 2014 became sole agent for DIAMONDBACK in the Egyptian Market  provided by Triangle Group factories.


In 2016 the Company became Sole Agent for ODYKING OTR Tires


With our long experience in trading tires in the Egyptian market we are providing our customer with the full information to choose the required tires.